Local installation issues


I’ve been trying to install search and displace locally using the documentation on git.law (such as https://git.law/newroco/searchanddisplace-ingest#rocket-installation).

I’m running into trouble so have posted issues in the respective repositories. This post is mainly to increase visibility of those issues.

However, thinking about the installation, I’m not even sure of the order which the repos should be installed? Is one a dependency of the other? If the Nix installation works, is anything else required?

The demo version https://demo.searchanddisplace.com/ seems to work quite well, so I’d appreciate any further guidance on getting this running.



On Ubuntu 20.04 it’s working perfect !
If you have EPEL repo in your /etc/yum.repos.d/ you can run yum install supervisor and it should work.

Thanks for the response, but EPEL is not suitable for use on Fedora workstation.

I will try the installation using Ubuntu 20.04 in a VM.

Is there a recommended distribution for using search and displace?